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Flip Flop Car Coasters Set of 2

These car coasters are super cute and show off your love of the beach! Flip Flops on one side and "I'm A Flip Flop Kind of Girl"on the other !

Set includes 2 coasters that measure 2.75" x 2.75" x .25" each and are made of super absorbent ceramic stoneware.  

These cute coasters fit into most standard size car drink holders and can easily be cleaned by wiping them down. The coasters are not recommended for dishwashers. The notch on the bottom is made for easy removal from the drink holder.  Simply press down at the notch and it will gently lift the coaster so you can remove it.  These coasters are not recommended for dishwashers.

They make a great gift for a friend, sister or coworker :)