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Rustic Candle Wood Wick Trimmer

This Rustic Style Candle Wick Trimmer is perfect for snipping off the tops of the wood wick and to keep them burning consistently and safely. A must-have for avid candle lovers, it features a rustic design and is used to keep the wick at 1/4". Always trim the wood wick to 1/4" before lighting the candle.  This Rustic Candle Wood Wick Trimmer will ensure you enjoy a safer and brighter burn.

Elevate your candle experience with our Rustic Candle Wood Wick Trimmer! Crafted for convenience, it's designed to make candle maintenance a breeze. The sleek, rustic design adds charm to your decor. Its specially designed angled trimmer ensures a clean, even burn by trimming the wood wick effortlessly.

Keep your candles burning beautifully without hassle or mess. A must-have tool for every candle lover. Enjoy longer-lasting, cozier moments with this essential accessory. Make your candle rituals more enjoyable with our Rustic Candle Wood Wick Trimmer.