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January 22, 2024 2 min read

There’s love in the air! Valentine’s Day is a great time to show all the special people in your life a little extra love. But what do you do when the temperature drops on Valentine’s Day?

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite cozy date ideas, including ideas for couples, friends, and family!

1) Bake and Decorate Cookies

Best for: Couples, Friends, Families

We love any excuse to indulge in some sweets, but what’s better than baking up some sweets with the ones you love? This is a perfect way to spend V Day with your husband or wife, kids, or just get together a group of friends! Use heart-shaped cookies cutters and red and pink sprinkles!

2) Cook A Romantic Dinner Together

Best for: Couples

Along the same lines as the cookie baking, but getting extra romantic! Pick out the meal you both love and learn how to cook it together. 

3) Ice Skating

Best for: Couples, Families

If you’re brave enough to face the winter cold, take your significant other or kids out for a day of ice skating! Make it extra special by finding a nearby pond that freezes over (be sure to check that conditions are safe for skating) as opposed to a skating rink, and pack a thermos of hot cocoa for when you get too chilly!

4) Girls Night with a Rom-Com

Best for: Friends

Valentine’s Day can be just as fun (if not more!) with a group of your girlfriends if you’re flying solo this year. Put together everyone’s favorite snacks, pull out some fluffy blankets, and pop in your favorite rom-com. Then invite your girls over for an evening of friends and fun!

5) Play Board Games by the Fireplace

Best for: Couples, Friends, Families

When it’s too cold outside to leave the house the best way to make your home feel extra cozy it to light a fire in the fireplace! We love family game night, why not turn Valentine’s Day into a cozy game night by the fire? Perfect for anyone who loves games and spending time together!