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About Us | A Rustic Feeling

Thank you for stopping by our shop today!

Grab a cup of tea…sit and relax and let me tell you a little bit about us...
My name is Mary and this shop is like my family! All of our Customers, Followers, fellow Artisans, our Farmhouse Inspired designs and the Gift Ideas we present to you, I hold near and dear to my heart!
When I ventured out in 2016 and started my Etsy shop, I had no idea what the response would be. I took this step seriously and teamed up with some great Business Mentors to help guide me. What an adventure this has been! In the past 3 years, we've had thousands of orders, made our way into subscription boxes, boutique shops, spas, we've been featured in Blogs, Instagram and Facebook posts and right now we just shot a TV commercial with those great Mentors we spoke of earlier!
You just never know where your passion is going to lead!! My daughter has since joined me, providing great content on our Instagram, Facebook Pages and in our Blog. She’s a tremendous help and we have so much fun working on the business together!
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As we grow out our brand and provide our handcrafted pieces plus beautiful work from other Artisans and Distributors in North America, I want to loop back to what drives us each day…YOU are the reason we have such passion for our shop!
You, the one reading this right now… Yes, YOU :)
Knowing that the Country Home Decor we share will help YOU add the perfect touch of warmth and love to your home or provide a huge smile to that special someone while you watch them unbox the perfect gift that you chose from your heart!
YOU that takes the time to send us a note to tell us why you chose this particular design or gift (We've heard some of the most heartfelt stories that bring tears to our eyes and other stories that give us that kind of belly laugh that starts deep down and creeps out with such volume and excitement) THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THOSE!
YOU are the one that we are trying to make a difference for! We love hearing from you, respond to every note and want to make you feel like family through the whole process. Our sincere hope is that we bring joy, laughter and love to YOU and yours!!
And lastly... when you lead your life with a grateful heart, a positive attitude AND you wake up each day feeling blessed knowing you are making a difference to others, everything falls into place!!
Thank YOU for taking the time to read this and browse through our shop ! I hope your day is filled with all happy and good things :)