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July 20, 2019 1 min read

Beach houses are the perfect escape into an oceanside oasis. Add some extra charm to yours with our beach house decor ideas.

Display your shells you carefully picked up from the sand in glass jars

Pick up some jars from the craft store or even rinse out some old sauce jars and fill with shells and sand.

Helpful tip: Rinse your shells first and lay them in the sun for a few days and see them get whiter and brighter!

Remind yourself that beach life is the best life with this woodblock sign


DIY a seashell hanging for your front porch

Just drill through the center of the holes and a few twigs, add some twine and display proudly.

Raining when it’s supposed to be a beach day? This is a great project for restless kids!

Add some beachy coasters to your coffee table to get your guests excited to stick their toes in the sand


Decorate with driftwood to bring the outside in

Mount smaller pieces to use as hooks for sandy beach towels or add to table centerpieces.