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Rosalia's Story | Doublemuse Pottery

My world changed in 2020 when I started to lose my vision.  There was no clear reason why this started happening.

Let me step back for a minute… I have always loved to create. In 2004, I took a pottery class, fell in love with the craft and never looked back.

I opened, Doublemuse Pottery , on Etsy in 2008.  In 2017, I retired from my full time job, watched my grandkids part time and found more time for pottery.

In 2020, everything changed.  I could no longer live the life I was used to.  I had to make changes to my life and live differently.  With the encouragement of my amazing family and friends, I decided to make my hobby a full time business.

People ask “How do I make pottery with almost no vision?”  I explain it like this:  My mind envisions the piece I want to make, my hands do the work and my heart tells me “well done” or “try again”

I’m fortunate to have a volunteer student from the local high school that comes to my studio a few hours a week to help with things I am not able to do.

I’m so blessed !  I have so much love and encouragement around me and I want to share my talent.  I hope that you enjoy the piece I have created for you, made with my hands…and my heart.