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August 17, 2021 2 min read

Thrifting is a wonderful way to find unique and interesting pieces full of stories. It’s sustainable to shop secondhand as well since by buying something pre-loved it is preventing it from ending up in a landfill before it’s unusable.

Have you been interested in thrifting but aren’t quite sure how to start? This is our fool-proof guide to a successful first thrifting trip.

Happy hunting :)


Start Small

Large secondhand stores, such as Goodwill or Savers, can be overwhelming for a first time thrifter. Do a little research in your area before heading out. Many churches have small thrift shops associated with them. Consignment stores are an excellent first start as well since they feature a curated selection of products which means more treasures for you!

Make a list

While it can be difficult to find something very specific in a thrift store, making a list is a good way to organize your trip. If your list looks something like this: dishes, vase, denim jacket, leather bag, You are more likely to focus your trip on the pieces that you’re really interested in!



Carry Cash

Sometimes smaller thrift stores may be cash only. It’s always a good idea to carry a little cash with you just in case.

Check Items All Over

This is very important! Thrift stores don’t typically let you return items once you purchase them so it’s important to make sure they are in good condition before leaving the store! Small imperfections, such as a tiny hole in a sleeve or a scratch on a table, can usually be repaired. But leave any significantly stained, broken, or otherwise damaged goods on the shelf.

Pro-tip: looking at electronics? Ask an employee if you can plug it in or borrow some batteries to ensure it’s in good working order before you leave the store!


Prepare to Research

Bring your smartphone with you into the shop! It’s extra handy for looking up information on an item really quickly. To get an idea of the value of your item check out items similar that have sold on eBay! It’s always a thrill to see that a pitcher you purchase for a few dollars could be valued at triple that price!


Don’t Forget to Look Behind The Counter!

The best finds are typically close by the checkout counter, either behind the cashier or in a locked case. Make sure to check these out and ask an employee if you can peek inside the case! The best treasures are often kept here and you may miss out on something special!