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August 20, 2021 1 min read

Are you feeling like Fall is creeping up on you and your home is unprepared? We’ve got you covered with our quick and easy decorating tips! Whether you have a whole weekend to dedicate or only a few hours before a get-together these tips are sure to have your home looking festive.


Visit your local farmers market

The farmers market is a great source of not only local products but also inspiration! We keep our eyes peeled for seasonal flowers, pumpkins and gourds, and even hay bales and corn stalks.


Adding a few of your farmers market finds to your front porch or dinner table are a sure way to add some seasonal touches to your home.

Fill vases and jars with seasonal foliage

This is a great option for centerpieces at a dinner party or Fall event! Use your vases to display fresh cut sunflowers and dried corn stalk cuttings or fill your jars with bright Fall leaves or a burst of seasonal color. Just be sure to put the lids on your jars to avoid any unexpected critters!


Quick Tip: if you have children at home collecting leaves is a great Autumn activity. See who can collect the most red, orange, or yellow leaves!


When in doubt, add a wreath!

Wreaths are a wonderfully easy way to transition your decor from Summer to Fall. Our favorite Fall wreath is this beautiful Sunflower Wreath which transitions perfectly through the seasons. Display yours on your Fall front door for a warm and sunny welcome.

Happy decorating!