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March 04, 2023 2 min read

As the weather warms up and the days get longer we are itching to get back into our gardens. 

We’ve rounded up everything you might need to help you get your garden ready for Spring’s arrival!

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When starting your garden it is most important to plan what plants you want to grow to be sure they will grow well together and thrive in the space you have created for them.

We are big fans of organic gardening in order to keep our Earth happy and healthy. The seeds from Botanical Interests are high quality and feature a large selection of organic seeds. Plus there is a huge variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers!

Looking for a great mix of seeds without having to do much digging? Check out the Seed Collections! Our favorite is the Bee Happy Seed Collection of plants to attract bees to your garden, protect our pollinators!

Next you will need to make sure you have the right tools to plant your new seeds.

Start off with some growing trays to get your seeds started in a sunny window before planting into your garden. 

A Rustic Tip: start your seeds in cleaned out eggshells for happy roots and easy transfer once it’s time to plant them in the ground. 


When it’s time to transplant your seeds into the ground be sure to have a quality trowel on hand. We love the wooden handle on this one. The more you use it the more it’ll wear down on the handle and become truly yours! 

Don’t forget your watering can! I sturdy metal can will be perfect. 

Need somewhere to hang your new tools? Our A Rustic Feeling exclusive key rack is perfect and features beautiful hand forged heart hooks. This would look great in any gardening shed!



Your plants will bring so much beauty to your garden, but garden decor is always a nice touch!

Add a whimsical artisan-made butterfly stake in our favorite color, rustic blue! 

Or a rustic mason jar bird feeder

Or bring a little extra zen to your outdoor space with this adorable stone turtle Buddha

Is your garden expanding past the area you originally planned? Add a hanging basket to grow your favorite flowers or ivy! Hang your basket on a hand-crafted moose plant hanger, made right here in New England.


We hope you’re as excited to begin gardening as we are!

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