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May 27, 2023 3 min read

Years of dad jokes, jean shorts, and other endearing embarrassments deserve to be rewarded this Father’s Day with something truly special.


Whether your father is the classic dad, the class clown, or the perfect stepdad, a thoughtful gift lets them know that you love them and their antics… no matter how many times you’ve rolled your eyes at their expense!


Sure, one day of celebration cannot compare to a lifetime of piggyback rides, tight tuck-ins, and adventures, but I think your dads will agree that a great gift is a great start!


But, finding gifts dads will actually like can be a tall order. Your dad is a “brush the dirt off and get back in the game” type of dad and you need a sentimental Father’s Day gift that can live up to his rustic ruggedness.


If you’re looking for special gift ideas for Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered!



Funny dad gifts


What is tall, camouflaged, and red all over? Your dad laughing at his own jokes!


When your dad is the classic crack-up, you can’t go wrong with a funny gift like this “dear dad, great job, I’m awesome” sign!


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Give your dad all the props for raising you to be so awesome, while also getting a good chuckle in return!


A sign like this would look perfect on the mantle at home or on a shelf at the cabin. Your dad will want to display this gift front and center so everyone knows where you got your sense of humor!


And if you feel like sharing credit with your siblings, you can opt for the “dear dad, great job, we’re awesome” option.


This sign has a beautiful weathered and dark gray finish that enhances its handcrafting and unique wood features; it’s the perfect rustic gift for your funny dad.



Sentimental stepdad gifts


Stepping up as a father and loving you as their own is what puts the “step” in stepdad.


When you earned a dad and role model all in one, you’ll need a gift like this “thank you for being the dad you didn’t have to be” sign!


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When you were given the gift of a bonus dad, a sentimental message like this is the best way to remind them that their place in your life is never taken for granted.


This décor piece will stand tall as the perfect reminder to your stepdad of how much you love them and how happy you are to have them in your life.


Handcrafted rustic signs like this make the perfect gifts for stepdads that love country living almost as much as they love you. Fit their style and make them smile this Father’s Day!



Gifts for the dad who has everything


Your dad obviously has everything he could ever need because he has you… right?


So, when you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that’s just a great bonus for him and reminds him why you’re the favorite child, you need these Natural Stone Antler Coasters.


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A dad as great as yours deserves an upgrade to his favorite pastime, and that usually involves a cold beer… so why fight it!


When a beautiful natural stone look pairs with an excuse to drink beer and “try them out”, you know you’ve found the winning gift!


Perfect at home or up north, your dad will be more than happy to take these coasters out to brag about you or his latest hunting trip.


These coasters come is sets of four and feature a beautiful, black ink antler design and cork feet for an elevated look… literally!  Does Dad prefer Bear Decor or Moose Decor?  We have coasters with those designs and other Cabin Style designs.



There’s nothing quite like the love of a dad


No matter what you needed, your dad was always there with a ridiculous joke or an old saying to get you right back on track.


And those memories are exactly what deserve to be celebrated on Father’s Day!


A perfect Father’s Day ultimately comes down to you spending time with your dad and reminding him how much he means to you, but a great gift never goes unappreciated and can only help you keep your title as the “favorite”.


No matter the kind of dad you have, he’s a great one, and you’ll be able to find his perfect gift with us!


If you didn’t find it above, don’t worry! We have so many more amazing gift ideas for your dad just waiting to put a smile on his face!