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April 16, 2019 1 min read

For years you can probably remember being in the checkout line at the grocery store and the cashier asking if you’d like your groceries bagged in paper or plastic.

Over time reusable bags seemed to be popping up nearby the checkout lines, but the trusty disposable plastic bags were always plentiful and available.



Recently many towns have been taking steps to eliminate disposable bags all together, encouraging shoppers to B.Y.O.B, bring their own bags!

Did you know that reusable bags are the most sustainable option for carrying home your groceries?

Plastic bags that end up in landfills will not decompose in our lifetime. In addition, clear plastic bags look very similar to jelly fish to a hungry sea turtle and can also trap smaller fish and birds!

Paper bags, while they are easier to breakdown and recycle, are more difficult to produce and ship resulting in higher emissions of toxic gases into our atmosphere.



To help celebrate Earth Day and encourage and inspire you to B.Y.O.B. we are including a packable, reusable, A Rustic Feeling shopping bag with every purchase during the month of April!

Pop it in your car, purse, or backpack and remember next time you’re in the checkout line to tell the cashier you brought your own!

Happy Earth Month!